Inspired by world travel, Dilamani creates handcrafted jewelry made from only the finest gemstones and metals from around the world.
Dilamani has a collection of pieces from necklaces, pendants and rings to earrings, bracelets and bangles.

Custom Jewelry Designer Collections

  • SoHo: Beaded and braided gold designed pieces

  • Couture: Diamond encrusted stone pieces

  • Midnight: Jet-black jewels

  • Denim: Made from beautiful diamonds with beautiful designs from butterflies and flowers to sea animals and more

  • Classics: Rich and royal colors

  • Venice: Italian Renaissance style pieces made with gemstones

  • Rock Candy: Clear, clean and contemporary look
  • Vogue:  Light and dark unique designs

  • Exotic: Artistic, Imaginative pieces

  • Paradise:  Diamond pieces that will take you back to paradise

  • Diamond: Beautiful pieces made from exquisite diamonds

  • Silhouette: Geometric designs with gold, black and silver colors 

  • Canary:  Made with brilliant, bright yellow diamonds

  • Cafe:  Earthy toned pieces
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