Once you decide to create a custom piece of jewelry, it’s imperative that you track down the right custom jewelry designer to handle the task. Whether you’re creating a wedding band or a diamond necklace, there’s no reason you should be forced to settle for subpar assistance.

Fortunately, the master jewelers at Julianna’s are standing by to guide you through the process. For over 30 years, we’ve been catering to Marin, CA residents with unbeatable custom creations. Now, we’d like to bring the jewelry you envisioned to life.

A Tale of Custom Design

The picture to the right are custom 18k yellow gold and diamond wedding bands made for our longtime customer, the Stallings-Schmitt's. The more eclectic ring on the left has several scattered cognac (brown) diamonds of different shades. Our customer Todd requested the pattern and coloring to be completely random and natural. When it came to the finish he requested hammered to continue the more rough appearance of the piece.

His husband Alex desired a more refined and traditional band, but still resembling Todd's. He also had a special request to use the gold for his custom piece from a heavy family wedding band he inherited. The ring was casted from Alex's existing gold and we again used cognac diamonds for his ring, set in a narrow channel and off center. He chose a polished finish, a yin and yang effect when compared to his husband's.

The final and secret detail lays inside each band; a personalized hand engraved emoji, an inside joke for the couple. Not only do these bands represent their one-of-a-kind love and commitment for one another but the bands were literally made for each other.

Not only can we create one of a kind custom designs from scratch, but we also specialize in 'repurposing' your jewelry. Ever wonder what to do with Grandma's hideous brooch? The jewelry laying in a drawer from an ex? Or fought over who gets Mom's 10 stone diamond ring? We have the answer. Let us help you Re-purpose them. We'll turn grandma's hideous brooch into a stunning and modern piece that not only reflects your personal style, but honors the original owner.

A Tale of a 're-purposed' creation

Juliet came to us with a bulky 1960's diamond cocktail ring with tapered baguettes and round-brilliant diamonds that she had inherited from her grandmother. Her boyfriend used the decently sized center diamond and 6 smaller round-brilliant diamonds to create a traditional channel-set engagement ring. However, she now had no idea how to use the remaining 4 round diamonds and dozens of tapered baguettes to create her wedding band. These stones did not provide a pathway to a traditional wedding band. Juliet, her fiancé Kevin, and our design team began the first step of creating something new with the old by simply asking the couple about their vision. She expressed her fondness for rose gold, an eternity style band, and the idea that a random organization of the stones rather than a perfect pattern would reflect her own eccentricity. Next, our designer Kathy put pencil to paper as seen in the below picture and began the second step. Kathy provided Juliet with several different diamond patterns and setting styles. Once Juliet chose which pattern and style she desired the wax phase began. Our jeweler makes a cad (computer) drawing of our design and 3D prints a wax model. This way the customer can physically see the mounting and better imagine what it will look like in its full form as well as make needed adjustments. Lastly, the piece is actually casted, stones set and presented to the customer. Below are photos of the beginning and end phase for Juliet's one-of kind wedding band.
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